In the beginning was the Idea and one guy ………. Thor Ingason “icelandknight”




HISTORY (or “yawn”)
Around 1990 I was webmaster of the “Honda Shadow Homepage“, which has now been closed due to the webmaster not having the time to keep it up to date. It was a lot of work to maintain, as there are many Shadow models and many proud owners… Setting up the pages and the goodwill that it generated was a very inspiring task. The main aim of the pages was to unite all Honda Shadow Riders and Owners…

With that in mind, and perhaps to share the workload, a lot of people were in favour of starting a Shadow Owner’s Club (originally called SOC, but due to an older club called “Suzuki Owner’s Club”, having the initials SOC, to avoid conflict the Shadow Owner’s Club‘s initials were changed to “SHOC“)…
Now that the name was sorted out, we needed an appropriate image / symbol which would be instantly recognisable as that of SHOC… Symbols are very important when it comes to clubs… Members have to look up to the image and feel proud to wear it… Hence I made an image that everyone could identify with. A combination of a picture of my own Honda Shadow VT1100, positioned on a set of wings.

At first I tried variations of the Honda logo wings, but as I had not heard from Honda (to use their logos on the Shadow page) or their reaction to a Shadow Owner’s Club (some companies dislike the owners of their products forming any kind of groups which might later be damageing to their reputations/products, although such a service has now been set up and enjoys immense popularity!)… I decided to use something else. I had seen a parchute regiment patch at an old army store, ran off to buy it and scanned it.-


I knew when I picked up this parachute patch
It was MADE for the biker lifestyle!
All it needed was some minor adjustments… 
and our symbol of freedom would be captured!

At the time I only had a greyscale hand scanner, and although the resulti

ng image looked gray and lifeless, it’s gray shades were appropriate for printing out on letter heads and other official SHOC documents. Also, the original was rather plain and straight, reminding one of the nazi eagles from the second world war. That wasn’t an appropriate association, hence I curved the wings upwards, almost giving the bike the look of SPEED happening in the process!


Some Examples of Proposed SHOC Emblems

I have always been a great fan of democracy, and so I ended up making a few versions of the proposed patch and wanted to let the Shadow Owners decide which one they most prefered. Towards the end someone else came up with yet another version which people took an instant liking to… The one with the Shadow tank logo instead of the letters running along the outer circle.

web_socdanMost Popular Version of the SHOC Emblem

The voting was in full swing when I sold my Shadow, and baught the bike I am the proud owner of today: A Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC… and, of course, as before, when I couldn’t find a web page dedicated to the bike I ride, and old habits die hard, I set one up dedicated to the motorcycle and had it contain exactly what I would have

wanted to find if I had found a dedicated page on the web: The Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Homepage… and subsequently comissioned by the local dealer to make the Harley Davidson Iceland Homepage.

At the same time I also handed over the Honda Shadow Homepage to Robert Orsino, who was still on a Shadow at the time… Robert had an accident on his Shadow and is now the happy owner of a Kawasaki Nomad… With the arrival of the Honda Shadow Forum at Delphi, with it’s interactivity and self running, there was an ever decreasing need for the “Honda Shadow Homepage”… which was finally closed down in December 2000 (after being online for about 10 years).

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! (There’s life in the old thing yet!)
Soon after this I got a few unexpected but very pleasant surprises:

  • A Shadow Owner’s Club (SHOC) had been established in Sweden, using one of the original SHOC designs as their symbol. They altered the image to include their location and I sent them a clearer version of the design, so they could have patches made. We played with the variations a bit for use on their web page and it looked something like this:

web_shocsweden                      web_shocblack

Official SHOC-SWEDEN Emblem       SHOC-SWEDEN Web Page Emblem

  • Later I also found the wings had been used in the patch of a fast growing motorcycle club called the “Southern Cruisers”. I stumbled upon the SCRC web page one day when searching the net for a club that I had read about in Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine called the “Mid-Cities Cruisers“.
    Both clubs had the same basic principles. Any brand of bike was welcome, membership was free; their ideals were exactly what I was looking for; and there were already a few international chapters; So, I joined up and started the Icelandic Chapter of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club.


Southern Cruisers Riding Club Emblem
This is the image that one can see at the SCRC Homepage and various homepages of SCRC members. This image was, however, never a sewn patch… That came later, when “Sewing Innovations” finished a patch that looked like this:

This is the actual sewn patch as it is today.

More recently I have been contacted by SHOC (Shadow Owner’s Club) Sweden, who are using the wings in their patch… Here is the SHOC Sweden patch:


That’s a GOLD thread in the wings…
and silver thread in the bike. Simply AMAZING to behold!

and then there is SHOC-Denmark (, who are using another version of the same patch:


This patch is so clear and cool!
The black interior and white area name totally ROCK!

Now there is a fast growing International SHadow Owner’s Club (SHOC) and a patch has been put together for that club by Piper’s Patches, which looks like this:

International SHadow Owner’s Club Patch!

People will have their local embroiderer add the area-name in the space above the bike, to show where they are from. This is the first version of the international patch, but it may still be changed in the future to give people a choice of light or dark interior.

I wish all the clubs using the wings in their patches all the best of luck, and quality riding together under the united symbol of freedom (wings).

I also hope this clears up any misunderstandings that have / may arise concerning the use of the wings in the various patches and pictures on the web, as well as clarifying their origin for future clubs planning to use the wings in their patches.

Your bro,
Thor Ingason aka. “icelandknight”